KABB LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Flashing Light Up Night Safety Collar Soft Silicone Waterproof Length Adjustable Pet Necklace Collar – Red


Brand Name: KABB

UPC:  6943700930908

Manufacturer Part Number: KABBEU-pet-01-003


  • Safety Dog Collar: In low light conditions, which can help you keep your dogs safe. The LED light visible approx. 500 meters(1640 ft) depending on the charge status of the battery and the surrounding conditions.
  • Adjustable Collar: When you receive the collar you can cut the end of the tube to the desired length, it is easily done with scissors for it is a silicon rubber material. It still works once cut. The total length is 27.56 inches (70cm). It can be fit to any size dogs,large enough for Labrador, hound, spaniel, german shepherd, collie, wheaten terrier, rottweiler and other dogs.
  • Three flashing mode: Quick flash, slow flash, steady glow, pressed the on/off button once turns it on flashing quickly, twice makes it flash slowly and three times makes it a continuous steady light. Four times makes it off.
  • USB Rechargeable Collar: No need batteries, coming with a USB cable and can be recharged by means of the USB cable with any other daily use device such as computer that has USB port. And it lasts about 3 hours in between 20 mins charging.
  • Waterproof dog collar: This led collar has a silicone cover around it so it’s waterproof and will be safe to use in the outdoors and safe to get wet. But can’t wear it under water.
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If you want to keep track of your dogs at night, in the dark or feel safe on a walk at night, it is definitely the best choice for you.
Black dogs and multi-colored dog especially not easy to see at night.
Fashion&Cool LED dog collar can solve the problem for you.

Safety First: Makes you and your dog more visible at night and in low light conditions! If you have a long hair dog, you can choose the brighter colours.
And the best thing is that the collar doesn’t get hot, safety for dog.
USB rechargeable: You can charge this with any USB. No hassle with replacing batteries and no extra costs.
It is charged pretty fast, around 1-2 hour.
3 flashing mode: This dog led collar can be set to quick flash, slow flash or steady glow by pushing the button.
Waterproof: It can be used in rainy days.
Also work as a decoration-let your dog more attractive.
The glowing time is about 3 hours and the charging time is about 20 minutes. The red light is light up when charging and will go off when done.

Package include:
1 x Led light up dog collar
1 x USB cable

Some tips for dog owners:
1.Measure your dog’s neck before cut. You can cut between the lights to the length you need. It still works after cut.
One tip before cutting them down, you can switch it on to see where the LEDs are.
2. When charging, please ensure the switch be closed. Or it will take more time to charge.
3.We suggest that not to unclip the collar each time, but to slip on and off. This is to protect the closing mechanism which may loosen over time.

Please note:
1.The collar can’t be used to lead your pet.
2.Please don’t cut the collar when the collar is on.


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